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I have always loved Remo heads. They are reliable, consistent and the industry standard.


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Vic Firth drumsticks, no one compares to you. Thank you!



              Check out their site:

John Bonham used Paiste cymbals. Enough said.



              Check out their site:


John Bonham and Ringo used Ludwig Drums. Again, 'nuff said there. 



              Check out their site:

Canopus snare wires sound incredibly better than all other snare wires. 


              Check out their site:

Musicians Institute is the most cutting edge, contemporary music school in the world. 

I have designed, authored or co-authored the books currently used at Musicians Institute for their core curriculum for the Drum Program. They are available to the public and can be purchased here.

The most formidable years of my life were spent at the University of Miami learning from Steve Rucker, Steve Bagby, Harry Hawthorne, Fred Wickstrom, Ric Craig, Gary Lindsay, Don Coffman, Whit Sidener, Ron Miller and Vince Maggio. 


              Check out their site:


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